Friday, June 21, 2013

Who came up with the common core?

I have found it interesting to read that the common core was created through groups of local school employees for each state (teachers, principals, and superintenents) and not the government.  I had a backwards thinking of how it was created.  This is likely due to so many teachers in the schools seeming to be opposed to the common core when it is mentioned.  I realize that not every teacher was involved, but I think if it was a group of education professionals who considered the factors of education that are important to the students for their education. 

I like how the site has a FAQ page with information on the common core.  It sums things up nicely.

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  1. That's a good point, but I wonder what the characteristics of these parents and teachers are who helped create the common core standards. I am just guessing, but I have a feeling they have a multitude of resources and are overachievers themselves. With that being said, how do we know that they created fair and realistic standards for all students and schools, no matter their circumstance? While it's good to examine the representatives who created the common core, I think it's just as important to examine those who created standardized testing and decided this was the best way to examine and document student learning!